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8 Slick Editable Text Effects PSD Bundle
just $5 bucks
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Possess this cool bundle of 8 slick text effects for just $5 bucks and spicing up your projects will be a piece of cake.

You wont have to fumble around working to create your own text effects ... simply grab your 8 editable PSD bundle, edit the text with Photoshop® and then you're off to the races.

Shade text effect.

Glass text effect.

Ice text effect.

Moonlight text effect.

Colorful text effect.

Bling text effect.

Plastic text effect.

Gold text effect.

Spice up your projects in a flash with your slick new text effects.

Just click the button below to get a $40 value for just $5 bucks.

What you get:

  1. You get 8 Photoshop® PSD files containing 8 unique text effects with editable type layers with pre-defined layer styles.