Q: “How can I quickly fix an underexposed image?”

Hit play in this answer and you’re going to discover how to fix underexposed images in only a few clicks … Imagine you possessed this skill right now: How many of your best photographs have you disregarded because they seemed “ruined” because they were underexposed? Well, no matter how many images you have that are underexposed, you can fix them in Photoshop. And in this answer you’re going to find out what you need to know and how to do it.

Step 1 Open problem image

1 This image is underexposed – it’s too dark – let’s fix it pronto.

Step 2 Duplicate Layer

1 Duplicate our overexposed image by dragging the layer down to the “New Layer” button in the layers pallete.

Step 3 Choose blending for duplicate layer.

1 From the blending options drop down menu in the layers palette choose “screen” as the blending mode for your duplicate layer.

Step 4 Observe

It really can be that quick and easy to sort out an underexposed image. Done. Next.
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