Q: “How can I make yellow teeth white?”

This photoshop video tutorial will show you how to whiten someone’s yellow teeth.

Step 1 Open the effected image

1 Observe the stains on these teeth – we are going affect this image so that the subject’s teeth are white – not yellow. We also want to make sure the teeth whitening effect is natural and wont look obviously photoshoped.

Step 2 Select Lasso Tool

1. Select the ‘lasso’ tool from the toolbar (or press “L” to go pronto).

Step 3 Start Selecting

1The starting point for our selection around the teeth.
1 Continue selecting around the teeth by keeping your mouse button depressed …
1 To finish the selection return to the starting point and release the mouse button.

Step 4 Feather Selection

1. Go to the menubar and choose, “Select > Feather”.

In the dialogue box the is displayed entered this value:

1 Enter “1″ for feather radius – if you were working on a larger image you would want to increase this value to “2″ or even “3″.

Step 5 Add a “Hue/Saturation” adjustment layer

1 Click on the “Create new fill or adjustment layer” button at the bottom of the layers palette and click on “Select”Hue/Saturation”.
1 In the hue/saturation dialogue box, first select yellows from the drop down menu.

Then enter these settings:

1 “0″ for the hue value.
2 “-70″ for the saturation value.
3 “0″ for the lightness value.

Step 6 Check out those whites

1 One set of teeth whitened in photoshop that hopefully look naturally white.
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    Great post!

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    This is a good way to whiten yellow teeth. This seems easy, and I bet newbies can do this as well. You can also whiten your teeth using homemade remedies. However, the best way is still seeing the dentist on a regular basis. =)

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