Q: “How can I create a 3D software box?”

When you grab your access to this answer you will be able to quickly and easily create a professional looking 3D software box to represent your product or service, visually.

Step 1 Open the images we will use for our front and side.

1 Front image.
2 Side image.

The dimensions of the front:

1 Front width.
2 Front height.

The dimensions of the side:

1 Side width.
2 Side height.

Step 2 Create New Document

1 Create a new document at 500 pixels x 500 pixels.

Ensure rulers are on …

1 In the menubar choose, “View > Rulers”.

Ensure ‘pixels’ are set as the measurement for rulers …

1 Right click on the top ruler and ensure “pixels” is selected.

Step 3 Guide Creation

Guides are an outstanding way to maintain accuracy within photoshop, so lets’ create some.

1 Create your first guide by dragging outwards from the side of the document window to create a vertical guide.
2 This guide should stop at 50 pixels.

Create a horizontal guide …

1 Drag downwards from the top of our document window to create a horizontal guide …

Let’s wrap this up. The next three images show extreme close up of where different horizontal and vertical guides should be set.

Your top horizontal and vertical guides should be set like …

1 “70px”.
2 “60px”.
3 “50px”.
4 “40px”.

Your bottom horizontal and vertical guides should be set like …

1 “400px”.
2 “390px”.
3 “380px”.

Your right-most guide should be set like …

1 “400px”.

Step 4 Position our top and side images to our guides

1 In the toolbar, select the “Move” tool.

Drag the front image into our document …

1 Our front image.
2 Our photoshop document, this is where we are going to drag and drop our front image into.

Position …

1 Position the front image to the top left of our document as shown.

Let’s repeat the same for the side layer. After dragging it into our document, position as shown:

1 Bla bla.


1 Position side image toward the top right of our guides as shown.

Step 5 Add The 3D Effect

1 Go to the menubar and choose, “Edit > Transform > Distort”.

Let’s create that distortion …

1 Drag downwards on the top left handle to distort the top of the front image.

Let’s accomplish a similar distortion at the bottom …

1 Drag the bottom left handle upwards to the first guide …

Apply …

1 In the options bar, press the “commit” button to apply the distortion to our document.

Step 6 Let’s Distort The Side Layer

1 In the layers palette, ensure the side layer is selected.

Once again let’s apply a distortion …

1 In the menubar, go to “Edit > Transform > Distort”.

Drag the right-most top and bottom handles as shown below:

1 Drag top right handle downwards.
2 Drag the bottom right handle upwards.

Apply …

1 In the options bar press “commut” to apply the distortion to our document.

Step 6 The Final Movement

1 Go to the toolbar, and ensure “Move” tool is selected.

Move side layer in towards front layer so that they touch.

1 Move side layer inwards.

Check out our 3D software box.

1 3D software box. Done.
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