Q: “How can I turn a photo into a sketch?”

Make digital images look like they were drawn or painted. Transform any digital image into an image that looks like a sketch in only a few mouse clicks without actually having to paint one!

Step 1 Open image

1 We are going to transform this digital image into one that appears to have been drawn as a sketch.

Step 2 Apply A Fresco Filter

1. Go to the menubar and select “Filter > Artistic > Fresco”.l

Use these settings:

1 “1″ for brush size.
2 “0″ for brush detail setting.
3 “1″ for texture.

With the Fresco filter applied our image should now look something like this:

Step 3 Duplicate layer

1 Drag the layer containing our image down to the “New Layer” button at the bottom of the layers palette to duplicate the layer.

The layers palette should now have two layers:

1 Our duplicate layer.
2 Our original layer.

Step 4 Apply Some Adjustments

Our duplicate layer should be selected if yours is not selected select it now …

1 Go to the menubar and select, “Image > Adjustments > Desaturate”.

We need to apply one more adjustment …

1 Go to the menubar and select, “Image > Adjustments > Invert”.

Step 5 Change The Blending Option

1 With our duplicate layer still selected, in the layers palette, select the blending options drop down menu and choose ‘color dodge’.

Step 6 Add A Gaussian Blur Filter

1 Go the menubar and choose “Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur”.

Use this setting for our Gaussian blur:

1 Enter a radius of 80 pixels.

Our image should look something like this:

It’s now looking slightly overexposed, but we can quickly fix this …

Step 7 Final touches

1 Duplicate our original layer by dragging it down to the “New Layer” button in the layers palette.

Change blending mode …

1 From the blending options drop down menu in the layers pallete change the blending mode to ‘multiply’ for our duplicated layer from the above step.

Now the problem of overexposure should be fixed. Check out the final sketch look for our image:

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  • Xopher

    Might just be me or the example image for the result might be too small to see the effect, but it really doesn't look like a sketch to me.

  • Docturtle

    I'm not coming out with the desired effect either. Tried both big and small pics. :/

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    Bravo, Bros! keep going like this, more good info again.

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    Another fantastic tutorial . Your site is always fascinating. Keep it up. =D