Q: “How can I make a digital image look aged?”

How to create an aged effect on your digital images using Photoshop that looks realistic but takes practically no time at all …

Step 1 Open image

Open the image you want to make look aged. In this example we are going to look at a very clean image taken with a digital camera.

We are going to make the above image look aged.

Step 2 Add A Film Grain Filter

1. From the menubar choose “Filter > Artistic > Film Grain”.

Enter the following values for the “Film Grain” filter:

1. “2″ for grain.
2. “3″ for highlight.
3. “4″ for intensity.

With the grain filter applied, the image should be looking slightly aged …

1. The grain effect is now visible, particularly in the sky.

Step 3 Add a “Gradient Map” adjustment layer

1. Press the “create new fill or adjustment layer” button and select “gradient map” – make sure you don’t mix this up with “gradient”, that will not produce the desired result, so “gradient map” it is …

A list of default gradients will now be shown.

1. Choose the “Violet, Green and Orange” gradient map.

Step 4 Change the Opacity of our Gradient Map.

1. With the gradient map layer in the layers palette selected, use the opacity slider to change the opacity to 25%.

Step 5 Our Image Should Now Look Aged …

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