Q: “How can I change the color of hair?”

Make a blonde a brunette. Make a brunette a blonde. Make a brunette or a blonde ginger. Change hair color in Photoshop revealed …

Step 1 Open image of a person

1 Our subject’s hair. We are going to change it’s color. Hold your horses.

Step 2 Create new layer

1. Click on the ‘new layer’ button in the layers palette to create a new layer.
1. We now have a blank layer above our original image …

Step 3 Select Zoom Tool

1. Select the ‘zoom’ tool from the toolbar (or press ‘Z’ to go pronto).

Step 4 Draw Zoom Area

1. Click and drag to create a selection around the head and release, so we can focus just on the subject’s hair.

Your active image area should now look like this:

1 We are now focused on the hair.

Step 5 Select Brush Tool

1 Select brush tool (press ‘B’ to go pronto).

Step 6 Start painting white onto the hair.

1 Start painting white on and around the hair. Make sure the new blank layer we created in Step 2 is selected …

Continue painting …

1It’s best to paint around the edges first.

Eventually you should have something like this:

1 Now our subject’s hair is totally covered in white paint.

Step 7 Adjust Blending mode

1 Select “soft light” as the blending mode for the layer we painted white on in step 6.

Step 8 Add “Hue/Saturation” Adjustment Layer

1 Click on the “Create New Fill or Adjustment Layer” button, and select “hue/saturation”. When the dialog box appears just press ok …

We need to make sure that the above adjustment layer only apples to our layer that we painted on, to do this we need to create a clipping mask.

Step 9 Create Clipping Mask

1 Go to the menubar and click on “Layer > Create Clipping Mask”.

Step 10 Enter Hue/Saturation Settings

With the clipping mask now created we can go back to our hue/saturation adjustment layer and change it’s values only affecting the layer we painted white on in step 6, and not the original image.

Double click on the hue/saturation layer in the layers palette and enter these settings:

1 “313 for hue.
2 “91″ for saturation.
3 “-20″ for lightness.

Step 11 Check out our subject’s new hair

1 We have changed our subject’s hair.
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