Q: “How can I apply color to only one part of an image?”

Use this technique to isolate the color in your foreground from your background.

Step 1 Open image

1 Yours truly skimming stones. We are going to remove the person from the background.

Step 2 Select Channel Mixer

1. From the menubar choose, “Image > Adjustments > Channel Mixer”.

Step 3 Select Monochrome

1 In the “channel mixer” dialogue box select monocrhome checkbox then press ok – this remove color from the entire image thus rednering it in black and white.

Step 4 Select Curves

1. From the menubar choose, “Image > Adjustments > Curves”.
1 Create a point on the curve by clicking in the center. Then click and drag the point downwards as shown to darken the entire image.

Step 5 Select History Brush Tool

1 Select the “History Brush” tool from the tool bar (press “Y” to go pronto).

Step 6 Get Brushing

1 Start brushing around the edge of the subject – this will reverse the adjustments we made in steps 2-4.

Continue brushing …

1 It’s best to brush out the edges first to create an outline around our subject.

Continue brushing around and within our subject to isolate it from the rest of the image.

Step 7 The Final Image

1 We have now applied color to one part of the image while the rest is in monochrome.
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