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The Latest "How-To" Photoshop Answers

Hit play in this answer and you will discover how to produce a super slick and friendly red-hot web 2.0 logo in photoshop step-by-step.

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When you grab your access to this answer you will be able to quickly and easily create a professional looking 3D software box to represent your product or service, visually.

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What you will discover in this answer is how to transform images into a cool polaroid type effect that looks smokin’ hot.

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3D text is wickedly effective at getting attention and making an impression. Creating 3D text in photoshop is simple. Discover how to create 3D text effects that pop in this answer …

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Often hollywood movie posters contain collages of images together … Despite what people may think this effect is easy to achieve (when you know how) … In this answer you’re going to blend images together just like in the Hollywood movie posters with ease.

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